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Since the entire world was not at New Destiny Family Worship Center this past weekend, you missed a great service and an opportunity for a miracle.   More important, you missed an Anointed and Prophetic word from God.  However, do not feel left out, for I am willing to share if you are willing to read, what the Lord has given me to run and share with you. 

There is no doubt that the Lord was in the House.  From beginning to end, God manifested Himself.  The diverse messages delivered throughout the Prayer conference; Themed “Come Access the Throne”, the Praise and Worship.  The Teachings, Prayers and Preaching, that took place – for the express purpose of edifying God and the participants-God spoke to the entire body of Christ Everywhere.  I say Spoke because certainly God imparted a word of instruction to all that came under the sound of the Speakers voice with marching orders to take the word (Vision) and run as stated in Habakkuk 2:1-3 

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword …God’s word has the power to pierce the soul and the spirit and when a word such as the one delivered to this congregation comes,  We have a responsibility to take that word as imparted to us and run with it. 

The Bible according to the book of John 4 gives a perfect example of this.  “The Lord had a need to go through a town called Samaria and there He met a Samaritan woman at a well”.  Jacobs Well to be exact.  In the process of drawing water and conversing with the Lord; The woman asked a series of questions to which the Lord answered ” If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to thee, Give me to drink; you would have asked of Him, and he would have given Thee Living Water”…After an anointed and insightful conversation between the two, the woman having been told all that she had done!, took that impartation and without shame of the Gospel, ran to tell all who would hear. 

Such, was the word of impartation by Bishop Wayne Pugh who said to us the HEARERS.   “We are at a Strategic and Pivotal point in time” because we have the power of Connection”.  A power, through Christ, that enables and reassures us that we can and should maintain a connection within the body that is facilitated as we focus on God’s purpose and put our personal preferences to the side.  The word of God tells us, that it is our reasonable service, ability and yes authority from God to bring back God’s presence into the church as we Praise and worship the great I AM.  Yet, of greater significance is our God given right and commission to bring God’s word to the World. 

Bishop Pugh imparted to us a word from God.  A word that to he who received it and is willing to run with it, will see the manifestation of the Great things The Lord is about to do not only in that person’s life, but in the lives of all he or she will touch. It is up to us the believer to take what God has deposited into our lives and run to tell all who will hear. 

Remember that God receives and responds to the prayers of faith.  Certainly the Spirit and Power of God was with us and while you out there were not privy to the blessings that were poured upon New Destiny, or may not understand the totality of these words.   I want all who may come across this Blog, to know that the word of God is for all who will call on the Lord and will desire to drink from the Wells of His living waters.  For they are life changing to all who come and are called by His name.  The living waters God spoke of  will refresh your souls, melt your hearts, propel and compel you into His presence.   Know however, and be aware of the enemies devises that may come along side of you to steal the seed in your possession.  Therefore be diligent and prepared to stand and having done all, to Stand in the power of God.

I am ever so thankful to the precious people of God who feed us Manna from Heaven, Bishop Wayne Pugh for his sensitivity to the voice of God and our own Bishop, Calvin G. Enlow for the wisdom to follow God’s heart in his selection. 

People, God is calling us to a greater position in Him.  Therefore, let us consecrate ourselves back to Christ. 

To New Destiny, Hear and Rest in the knowledge that we ate from the Lords table.  There is and never will be anything more stimulating than the awesome Presence of God and no greater calling than to be at the feet of Jesus in prayer.  For “In His presence there are treasures for evermore”.  Stay Blessed.

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Elizabeth Santiago a woman in service to the Lord. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. Elizabeth is called to pray without ceasing. She is a lover of God and people. She enjoys writing and has found a way to do what she enjoys most which is sharing what she writes through her blog at Among Elizabeth's many topics of interest, are writing about the word of God. When she is not blogging or checking out her face book page, she is joggling her many grand and great grand children that she Loves to have over. That is of cause knowing that at the end of the day, they get to go home with their parents. Most of the time, Elizabeth is home with her hubby and together, they spend their days in conversation, studying the word of God or off to church in pursuit of a fresh anointing an renewal that only comes from God. Elizabeth hopes to write a book at some point and to that end, she remains vigilant in wait from a word from The Lord.
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