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There is nothing like the memory of a praying father.  As a young child growing up in the Projects of the South Bronx most of what I grew up around, was violence, drug, alcohol use and abuse. Domestic violence, physical and yes sexual abuse.  This probably sounds like the norm to many of the people reading this passage and I might venture to agree.  However, in the midst of a confusing world, I had a safe haven.  My father, he was my safety net, my protector and yes the man that prayed over me.  I mean he literally prayed over me.

In today’s society children many times wake up to the dreadful experience of sexual abuse, many go to sleep in fear that a father, a brother, relative or “family friend” will disturb their sleep with pawing hands seeking what their young minds cannot comprehend.  I on the other hand, would wake up regularly in the mid of night to my father’s voice calling on God for my safety and protection.  The bible tells us that “the prayers of a righteous man avails much”, and oh how glad I am that the good Lord blessed me with a father that prayed.  I can still hear his voice coming through as I fought to open my heavy laden sleep filled eyes.  I can recall struggling to wake up to hear his prayers thinking it was another dream only to realize time and time again, that it was my father interceding for me and my siblings in prayer.

Of cause I did not know then what I now know concerning prayer and I will not make out like I even understood why my father prayed so adamantly,  but as I now understand the significance of prayer, and enjoy spending time in the presences of God, I’m reminded of Daniel 6:10 In that just as Daniel prayed three times daily, so was my fathers devotion to prayer.  Daniel is just one of the many biblical examples of men that prayed.  The greatest of all being Jesus who not only prayed without ceasing, but taught us how to pray when he gave us “The Lord’s prayer” as a model to follow.

Although my father and I never discussed the topic of prayer, and by now you probably have guessed that he has gone to be with the Lord, I came to understand that it was just what he did and who he was, a man that prayed.  This is just one of the many fond memories I have of my father and the legacy that he left as a remembrance of his love not only to his children but to the God he loved so much.   A legacy of prayer that I pray will be passed down through the generations after I am long gone to meet my Fathers.

I pray that all the children in the world will be spared from the prying hands of a pawing father and wake up to the loving voice of a praying dad.

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At the feet of Jesus

It has been said that there is no greater calling than to be at the feet of Jesus.  If you have come to a cross road and do not know where to turn, I invite you to call on the name of Jesus.  He will meet you where you are.  Let me pray for you.

Please provide the information below, enter your detailed Prayer request in the comments space available, and allow the Spirit of God to move on your behalf by faith.

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Come on in.

Age has no limits.  Its boundaries are in the mind.  You can be extraordinary at any age.

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